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Cored Tube Twisty® is similar to the Multi Tube Twisty® product line, but has a central tube with 1 or more other tubes wrapped around it. The central tube can be used to hide services like water, electricity, data etc. The central tube can be larger in diameter than the outside ones and in fact, we have even used square tubing as the central tube.


Cored Tube Twisty® comes in a variety of sizes and styles and, of course, left and right hand patterns.

By using a suitably strong central tube, this material can be made to be load bearing.

"Specials" include colour anodising aluminium or powder coating steel. This looks especially attractive when only the central tube is coloured.

Recently developed Bamboo Twisty® is the latest range of materials that is now offered by Australian Twisted Steel P/L. It has a bamboo appearance without the problems of growing uncontrollably. It is available from 10mm all the way through to 100mm in diameter.


Stainless steel,
Rusted Steel,
Aluminium (natural or coloured anodised),

Copper (polished and lacquered or patinated)
Brass (polished and lacquered or patinated)


Being hollow, it can be used in place of standard bamboo in a variety of cases:

Water features,
Garden edging,


Twisty® is a registered trademark of Australian Twisted Steel Pty Ltd

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