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Corrugated Tube

Australian Twisted Steel P/L can convert standard tube
and pipe into Corrugated Heat Exchanger tubes. Our Heat Exchanger Twisty® products range from 3/8” (9.53mm) tube up to 4” pipe (114.3mm) over a length of 6.000m.

Depending upon flow rates, viscosities and heat transfer rates of the fluids, Corrugated Heat Exchanger tubes have far greater heat transfer coefficients over plain, smooth tubes, and even though frictional losses within the Corrugated tubes are somewhat higher, the overall efficiency of the tube is generally much better than that of standard unprocessed tubes. Some studies suggest that this figure can be as high as 60% Because of this increase in efficiencies, heat exchangers that use this type of product can usually be made using less material, giving rise to a more compact unit. The on going advantages of using Corrugated heat exchanger tubes is that of lower energy requirements, thus saving money and the environment. Lower Carbon footprint emissions cannot be ignored when there is a possibility of a future Carbon tax.

Heat Exchanger Twisty® material can be supplied with the helical pattern stopping short of the ends. The plain ends can be used for the fitment of bends, tees, elbows or for swaging into the end plates if desired. The material can be used in either of the two ways shown graphically below:


The Heat Exchanger Twisty®
range comes in both Left and Right hands. So the inner tubes can either be the same or opposite hand to that of the outer tube. Turbulence is the main factor in a heat exchanger for the thermal transfer to take place.


Static Mixers

Also known as In-line mixers. These mixers rely on 2 processes.

1). Turbulent flow to mix.
2). Striations to shear.

2 different styles of material is available in many different sizes. A hole in Holey Y Twisty® allows for
bolting segments together. The mixer can then be taken apart for cleaning if necessary. Otherwise,
Y Twisty®
can be used for the manufacture of traditional, welded segments. Both styles of segments are available in both Left and Right hand twists. Having three edges provides more Striations per segment resulting in quicker, more efficient mixing

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